Aquarius Zodiac Constellation Silver Necklace

Product image 1Aquarius Zodiac Astrology Constellation image symbol Silver Necklace Pendant the activist
Product image 2the outlaw the man pouring water gift for her celestial
Product image 3the visionary Aquarius silver necklace with image sign
Product image 4full collection of all aquarius archetypes
Product image 5Aquarius archetype personality character traits january 20 to february 18
Product image 6Stainless steel silver cable and ball chain options
Product image 7necklace chain options
Product image 8add on option to engrave personal message on back
Product image 9blue organza gift bag

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Aquarius: January 20 - February 18: Aquarians are the philanthropic humanitarians of the zodiac—rightfully symbolized by the Water Bearer. They give to those in need and focus on how to make the world a better place on a grand scale. As visionaries, they offer their thoughts and ideas on how to do this as a gift to the world.


Your necklace will come expertly engraved with the word "Aquarius", the symbol, sign, and constellation. You will be able to choose which Archetype best fits your personality.

Product Details:

  • 3/4" shiny stainless steel disc, so not to rust or tarnish. 
  • 18 gauge. This allows for your necklace to be light enough to wear daily, but durable to not bend or break.
  • 2mm stainless steel cable chain or ball chain. 
  • Gift Packaging: Your necklace will come packaged in a blue organza gift bag.

Optional Add-Ons:

  •  Choose to add a personalized short message to the back of your pendant. ie: "Shoot for the Stars", "Keep Dreaming", Love Always, Mom".
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