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There's an Animal Spirit within us all

What is Motherhood? I went to look for the formal definition in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and there was no mention of "Motherhood" which, I have to admit, I found very shocking! So I pulled up my trusty Google search bar and typed it in. The first website that populated was stating: "Motherhood: the state of being a mother". Seriously, that's it?! Sure, I understand that the dictionary isn't "emotional" and therefore cannot accurately describe the Motherhood we experience, but still... it made me feel a bit uneasy that all that we go through as moms were summed up into these six simple words.

Motherhood is SO much more than a state of being! It's late nights, early mornings, stained shirts, and all night snuggles. It's being terrified of doing everything wrong yet knowing you created something incredibly perfect. Motherhood is a time you experience your highest highs and some of your lowest lows--sometimes at the same time due to sleep deprivation, lol! Motherhood is fiercely protecting your young from any and every threat, yet melting into a puddle of mush as you carefully tend to their boo-boos and tears with the most gentle heart. Motherhood is so much more than those six little words!

As I started to think about all the different kinds of mamas out there, it donned on me that this would be a perfect opportunity to create a line that celebrates all the different facets and styles of parenting and Motherhood, many of which we see instinctually happening in nature. Some of us relate to Mama Bears—a species that will defend their young with great ferocity and fearlessness while caring for each individual cub with great love and attention. Some of us relate to wolves—a species that thrives on a pack mentality with a social hierarchy and is very territorial. Mama Wolves also adhere to the “village” mindset and rely on other members to bring her food in her den until the pups are ready to emerge. Multiple females will also help raise the litter. It takes a “Village”, right?

Mama Bear with her cubs  

Some of us mamas tend to identify with more docile animals such as elephants—a species where females thrive on strong, intimate bonds and are known to form lifelong relationships with one another. These bonds are so strong that female elephants have been observed returning to and grieving where their friends and family members have died. Isn’t that AMAZING?! Elephants are also known to keep constant watch over their calves in the early years and give them an abundance of physical affection.


We human mamas can relate to SO many animal mothers in one way or another, amirite?! From bears, wolves, sharks, and lions to elephants, llamas, owls, monkeys, and giraffes, we have something in common with them ALL in one way or another. I know I do, which is why I am so excited about this new line!

This new line focuses on your Mother Spirit Animal. We have an array of Territorial and Docile animal bar necklaces to celebrate your everlasting bond with your children. Protective, aggressive, territorial, loving, smart, whatever your parenting style(s), there's a little bit of animal in us all. 

mama wolf spirit animal with pups mother's bar necklace mommy monkey spirit animal with babies mother's bar necklace  mommy shark spirit animal with pups mother's bar necklace  mama bear spirit animal mom with cubs mother's silver rose yellow gold bar necklace  no drama mama llama mother's and babies silver rose yellow gold bar necklace


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Much Love!

Linsey S, Owner
Stamps of Love, LLC
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