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QR Codes

Short for quick response, QR codes are scannable barcodes that store data. In the marketing sphere, they're commonly used to redirect users to landing pages, websites, social media profiles, store coupons, or an audio file (voicemail/voice recording). But they can also be used as an Audio file to hear your loved one's voice who has passed or as words of encouragement to a friend who needs some uplifting. Think of it as always having easy access to that voice message or website.
After selecting your design and adding your URL or Audio File we will create a unique QR Code and permanently engrave it on your design. So no matter if it is a keychain, necklace, bag tag, bracelet, etc, you can easily take your smartphone, scan your QR code, and be taken to your website, social media pages, or hear your loved one's voice. 
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