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Our Story

How it all came to be...

My name is Linsey and I am the woman behind Stamps of Love, LLC.

Stamps of Love is truly a labor of my love and it embodies my personal philosophy for life. I believe that we all leave imprints on one another, stamps if you will, and we can bring great joy to others. Stamps of Love has been offering a wide variety jewelry since 2013 with an emphasis on celebrating and recognizing Life Events.

The Life Event that turned me towards personalized jewelry was the loss of my brother. I wanted (needed) something to give to our mother to help her during her time of grief but I found that the gift industry was lacking in sincerity and functionality. I realized I could create something that just wasn’t out there: Subtle, sophisticated, and, most of all, sincere grieving jewelry. I didn’t want my mother to feel saddened by the action, but instead I wanted to uplift her and the memory of my brother and I could do that in the form of personalized jewelry.

In all my offerings, you will notice I use only the highest quality components including the highest quality stainless steel. This ensures that each piece of jewelry retains that unique look without risk of bending with wear over time. As you browse through my shop to find something special, you might also notice the ubiquitous presence of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a potent symbol and it captures the past, present, and future in simple grace. It captures the miracle of life in all stages. I want you to feel a state of grace when shopping with me and when wearing my work. I want you to know that I create each and every order with the highest respect, love, and intent. 

No matter where you are in your journey, I want you to feel the stamp of love in all that you do.


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