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A Decade of Love: Unveiling the Remarkable History of Stamps of Love

In the scorching Arizona summer of 2013, a tale of creativity, determination, and a touch of chaos began. Stamps of Love came to life as we delved into the world of hand-stamping, navigating the challenges of sourcing materials, mastering techniques, and obtaining our business licenses. August 2013 marked the official birth of Stamps of Love, and little did we know, this was just the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Picture this – a garage filled with the hum of creativity, coupled with the delightful chaos of two toddlers under three. The struggle was real, from sweaty fingers making stamp shanks slippery to the ingenious idea of chilling phones in the fridge to prevent overheating. It wasn't always a glamorous affair, but those early days laid the foundation for the resilient spirit that defines Stamps of Love.

Fast forward to 2014, where the challenge shifted to keeping a wild two-year-old entertained while attempting to stamp, all while being pregnant with our third child. The hustle continued into 2015, with a newborn in tow and a three-year-old exploring the world. Time was a precious commodity, and every spare moment was dedicated to fulfilling orders.

As 2016 rolled in, the workload reached a tipping point, and a two-week processing time became the norm. Enter the heroines of the story – nieces enlisted to help with polishing and packaging, and a supportive husband jumping in whenever he could, between chasing after the kiddos. However, the realization struck that a change was needed to balance order fulfillment and business development.

The turning point arrived in 2017 when a bold decision was made. The husband traded his corporate '9-5' for a full-time commitment to the business. This strategic move freed up crucial time for growth, paving the way for Stamps of Love to soar to new heights. The hustle paid off, and by 2018, a game-changer entered the scene – Moira, our trusty Tykma MiniLase fiber laser engraver.

Moira revolutionized our approach, allowing us to process designs at lightning speed. No more sweaty palms or the struggle of working in a sweltering garage. The shift from hand-stamping to laser engraving not only saved time but also ensured lasting, impeccable markings on our creations.

Over a decade of tears, trials, successes, and a fair share of hair-pulling moments, we've learned the ropes of small business ownership. Social media changes? Amazon and Etsy shaking things up? Been there, conquered that. Our journey reflects not just the evolution of Stamps of Love but a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the unwavering support of our loyal customers and family.

Through it all, we've cherished the flexibility our business provides, allowing us to take off in the summer with our boys and visit every state before our oldest graduates. Stamps of Love is more than a business; it's a story of love, commitment, and the triumph of passion over challenges.

As we celebrate over a decade of creativity and craftsmanship, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, our team, and everyone who has been a part of our journey. Here's to another decade of leaving a lasting imprint – one stamp at a time!

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