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Gifts to Remember our Loved Ones this Christmas Season

gifts to remember our loved ones this christmas season


Christmas is a time of joy, happiness, peace, and love… but if you or someone you care for has lost an important person in their life, it can also be a time where feelings of pain, sorrow and heaviness are mixed in. Memories of holiday gatherings and happier times with the person they love and miss come rushing back leaving a void that no one can seem to fill. 

When someone you know is going through a difficult Christmas season, it can be hard to find a gift that will truly bring a little piece of joy back into their world. To help navigate through this delicate time, we have put together a list of truly heartfelt gifts that are perfect for celebrating the memory of a loved one lost this holiday season. Although we know a simple gift cannot take away the pain, we hope these will help bring some comfort to those grieving.


Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board 

Are there fond memories of cooking and celebrating with someone who is no longer here? If so, this is the ideal sentimental gift. This cutting board features a handwritten recipe from a loved one who has passed on that is permanently engraved in wood and comes ready to display in the kitchen for all to see.

wooden handwritten recipe cutting board


Memorial Floating Candle Vase 

This vase is so elegant and can be displayed in any home regardless of decor. It comes with a beautiful quote and can be personalized with a loved one’s name and life dates that are expertly laser engraved, not etched or sandblasted. This is the perfect token of remembrance every time it is displayed and lit.

memorial glass vase


Memorial Pet Portrait

They say the loss of a pet can be just as devastating for some people as losing a human family member. Honor that bond by gifting a one-of-a-kind memorial pet portrait painting. These portraits perfectly capture the essence of your loved one’s fur baby and can be painted on either high-quality paper or canvas in a plethora of sizes.


Memorial Canvas Photo Print

This mini 5.5” x 5.5” canvas turns an ordinary picture into a work of art that can be displayed almost anywhere. Once a photo is selected, you can choose from five different sentimental quotes to be written on the canvas. It is then gallery wrapped and ready to display either hung on a wall or placed on a shelf. 

memorial portrait


Memorial Customized Flag Case

This flag display case is one of my favorite gifts for the loss of a veteran. Each case is made to order, which means you won’t be receiving something that is mass-produced. It comes with two framed sections to display either two photos or medals and ribbons that you can customize depending on the size of the photo or number of accolades you would like to display. The engraved wording, color of the stain used, as well as the flag size is completely customizable to create the perfect gift for your loved one.

memorial flag case personalzied


Charred Wooden Flag

Here is another one of my favorite gifts for the loss of a military member, veteran, or first responder. These charred wooden flags are the ultimate display of honor and sacrifice, and they are SO beautiful whether they are displayed in the front entryway or a man cave. These flags are made to order and can be customized with name, rank, and dates at no additional charge. You can choose between an American flag or a thin blue/red line depending on the occupation.

american flag charred wood board


"I used to be his Angel, now he's mine" Memorial Grief Necklace

The loss of a parent can be devastating, especially for a daddy’s girl or a daughter who has just lost her best friend/mother. Help her to honor their memory and keep them close to her heart with this beautifully engraved, completely customizable memorial necklace. The disc can also be engraved on the back to feature a short saying or dates if you choose. The necklace comes elegantly packaged in a blue organza bag immediately ready for gift-giving.

personalized memorial necklace for loss of a dad


Memorial Tree Ornament

A beautiful way to honor a loved one at Christmas time is to have a hanging memory right on the tree! These ornaments are so very elegant and are a perfect tribute to those who can’t physically sit around the tree with the rest of the family this year. The ornament features a photograph on one side and a beautiful quote on the other side. 


Memorial Shirt Pillow

I heard about these pillows through a friend who received one as a bereavement gift and said it was one of the most cherished items she has ever been given, so naturally, I had to share it with you! This is perfect for someone who has lost a father, grandfather, or another important male figure in their life. This pillow features a covering made out of an actual shirt that was worn by the lost family member and gives a tangible way to feel like you are embracing them once again.


Engraved Keepsake Box

Unlike a card or paper that can fade or become brittle over time, this handwritten engraved gift will last for years to come. This keepsake box can be used to store greeting cards, photos, letters, and other small items kept in remembrance of a loved one. 



I hope this Gift Guide was able to help you find something meaningful and memorable to give this holiday season. While none of us can take away the sadness one feels after losing a person they love, we hope to help you give some comfort through everything we create.


To explore more items and ideas to help a loved one cope during their time of loss, head on over to to see our full memorial/grief line. From all of us here at Stamps of Love, we wish you much joy and happiness throughout the year!

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