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A gift guide for her First Mother's Day


I vividly remember when I came home with my first newborn baby. I was so in love, so happy, and yet… I felt so overwhelmed and under-prepared. Anyone else know what I’m sayin’? Becoming a first-time mom is unlike any other experience in the world. Between broken periods of sleep, feedings, crazy fluctuating hormones, and diaper changes, I could barely tell which way was up. I had decently prepared my home for the baby— we had clothes, the crib, diapers, swaddlers, a swing, a bouncy seat, you get the idea. But the one person I did NOT have anything prepared for was me. 
After going through this a few times, I now have lists of the perfect gifts to bestow on my expecting and first-time-mom family and friends for various occasions, some of these in which I will be sharing with you here— HOORAY! Let’s dive into our top 10 favorite meaningful gifts for the first-time moms in your life (in no particular order):


10. Mommy’s Firsts Wine Bottle Covers

When I first saw these I knew I was going to have to share! These wine bottle covers are perfect for celebrating when Mommy has a few of her “firsts”: First Playdate (first girl’s night), First Meltdown (no explanation needed there, lol), First Date Night, and First Full Night of Sleep (can I get a HALLELUJA?!). This is a perfect gift for your wine-sipping mamas who are expecting or have a brand new bundle.



9. Silk Eye Mask and Neck Wrap

Let’s be real, every expecting and brand new mommy need ANYTHING that will help them relax! And if you have never experienced the feel of silk on your skin, then you are missing out. This buttery-soft set will instantly take the day away. My favorite part is you can either throw the neck wrap in the freezer OR the microwave depending on what specific treatment her tired muscles need at the time.



8. Audible Subscription

I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorites! Do you have an avid reader on your hands who suddenly has much less time to devote to her favorite pastime? New mamas always have their hands full— whether they are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or rocking baby all night long. With this gift, you can make her feel like she is getting some of her time back along with a little piece of normalcy. What's awesome is you can even pre-load some of her favorite books before you reveal the surprise to make it more personal.



7. Twig and Petal Expecting Kit

When growing a life inside us, we mamas care a lot about what we are putting on our bodies. Everything in this expecting kit is all natural so there is no guilt when soaking in these bath salts or slathering on the stretch mark body butter. If she tends to suffer from hormonal headaches, this kit also comes with a special headache relief essential oil roller to help.


 6. Personalized Throw Pillow

This pillow is such a great gift for first-time mamas. It’s pretty, sentimental, AND functional. This pillow can be customized with special sayings as well as names and is great for the nursery, living room, or bedroom.



 5. Personalized Mommy-and-Me Gold Frame

You can never go wrong with a nice frame with a sweet memory to go with it! This frame is very chic and can go with many different home decor styles to ensure it gets displayed. This frame can be customized with mom and baby’s names along with a special saying on the bottom. 



 4. Personalized Double-Walled Travel Mug

Ok, so we all know that when there is a new baby in the house, mom will not ever finish her cup of coffee before the 3-hour mark, right? Just me? Didn’t think so. Instead of her having to go back to the microwave 5 times to re-heat what is left or spilling it all over the middle console as she prepares to brave an outing with baby (and the packed trunk full of bags/accessories/stroller), get her this great personally engraved mug that will keep her much-needed coffee hot and inside the container for hours.



 3. HelloFresh Meal Delivery Subscription

When a woman has freshly birthed a new baby, there is no time to meal plan or go back and forth to the grocery store for ingredients that you may or may not use again in the next 6 months, am I right?! That’s why I love these meal delivery services. Your new mama will get the exact amount of what she needs and there is no searching the aisles for obscure ingredients like ‘arrowroot powder’ as the baby is urging her to be fed. If you want to pay for three months and then cancel or transfer it overall you have to do is make those changes before the next delivery goes out and there is no cancellation fee. It’s that simple.



 2. First-time Mom Personalized Charm Bracelet from Stamps of Love

Let me warn you… you will need to bring tissues along with this gift! It goes without saying that you can never go wrong with jewelry, especially a beautiful piece that honors the newest little love in her life. These highly polished surgical stainless steel charms are something she will cherish for years to come. Customized engraving with baby’s name, birthstone, and birthdate. This bracelet will come in a beautiful box ready to be gifted with no extra wrapping required.



 1. Birth Time Clock

I got this idea from a friend not too long ago: buy a clock and set the hands to the exact time the baby is born for a great meaningful nursery decoration. However, no ordinary clock will do when you are giving this as a gift. These clocks are solid wood and come beautifully engraved with baby’s name and birthdate. Then you can set the customized time the baby was born before you wrap it, and VOILA! You have yourself a great gift for a new mom.



I hope our Gift Guide was able to give you some great ideas and that her first Mother’s Day will be one she will always remember!

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