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10 Unique Mother's Day Gifts that she'll really love

10 gift guides for mothers of multiple kids


Let’s talk about how amazing moms are, shall we?! From the very beginning, moms are completely dedicated to their children. They put themselves second (heck, even third or fourth) for the rest of their lives. At any point in life, if they are needed by their children, mothers are there. Whether it’s advice, encouragement, help with the kids (even when they don’t live in the same town), or just a shoulder to lean on— they are always there.

Moments like this have got me thinking: this Mother’s Day, step away from the flowers (yes, just like the ones I used to give my mom EVERY YEAR) and search for truly meaningful gifts for the moms in your life. Here’s the good news…we already did all the searching for you! We have put together a Gift Guide listing some of our favorite gifts for Mom this year that will surely hit the mark:


10. Minted Kid's Art Drawing

Make her children’s drawings into true works of art! These amazing prints can be printed in various sizes and come with a beautiful frame. Choose from a regular print, letterpress print, or foil print (my personal favorite!). This is a whole new way to display children’s art!



9. Engraved Keepsake Box

I found this gem while searching for a jewelry box… and I am so glad I did! Measuring at 9/5.9/3.14 inches it can hold so much more than jewelry. This a perfect box for the moms who love to keep all of the small handmade gifts and drawings in a safe, meaningful place. The fact that you can laser engrave it with a beautiful poem, Bible very, or saying makes it that much better!

 personalized engraved wooden keepsake box


8. Mother's Spa Day Gift Box

Give mom a relaxing day at home. This gift box comes packed FULL of beautifully labeled luxurious pampering essentials for mom. Add a personal touch with a custom note and her name written on the top of the box. The products are all natural and made with essential oils, herbs, and spices.

 Mother's Day Spa Gift Box


7. Customized Printed Family Cookbook

Do you know a mom who has containers, boxes, or books filled with loose important family recipes that aren’t organized or that are fading due to repetitive use? If so, this gift will be a life (and keepsake) saver! Now her recipes can be stored all in one place. This book not only has room to record all of her family recipes, but it has space for photo galleries and areas where other family members can make notes.

My family cookbook

7. Masterclasses

We ALL know a mom in our lives that has served her family for years while putting her dreams and hobbies second. This spectacular gift allows you to give her lessons/training in an area she is passionate about from famous veterans of that specific craft! Think: Photography lessons from Annie Leibovitz or cooking classes from Gordon Ramsay! There are SO many different MasterClasses and they all come with on-demand videos, a workbook with assignments, and access to an online student community.



 5. Instant Pot 

If you haven’t heard about the kitchen gadget craze that is the Instant Pot, then you must be living under a rock. These pressure cookers are such amazing time-savers, and isn’t that what moms always need more of (can I get an “amen” from all the youth sports mamas out there)?? Meals that would normally take HOURS to cook are ready in a quarter of the time, sometimes less! Personalize her Instant Pot with a funny or sentimental decal that she will love! 


 5. Instant Pot Decal

Instapot decal   instapot decal

 instapot decals

 4. Personalized Constellation Map of Children's Birthdays

Aren’t these maps GORGEOUS?! These unique maps are made with the actual view of the sky of the location provided on the exact date of her children’s birthdays. Get a map with up to three dates and locations and choose from a variety of matting styles and frames. All are printed on museum quality paper to ensure this gift lasts a lifetime.

Personalized Constellation Map of Children's Birthdays


3. Mother-Daughter Distance Wine Glasses

When a mother and child are separated, it’s nice to have something to nd the both of them of one another. These sweet wine glasses can be customized with the states of your choice. *This Etsy shop owner is going to be taking a break at the beginning of May to have a bundle of her own, so if you like these glasses, please contact her soon*

Mother-Daughter Distance Wine Glasses


2. Framed Map Hearts

Here is another heartfelt gift to give when distance separates you and mom. Personalize with up to 4 locations for different siblings and your choice of different sayings. It is important to emphasize that these are NOT prints. The artist uses actual vintage maps that are cut out and put back together. Very cool piece of wall art that she can hang proudly!

Framed Map Hearts Framed Heart Map


1. "My baby you'll always be" Personalized Mother's Bangle Charm Bracelet

There is almost a no better way to mom’s heart than through personalized jewelry honoring her babies! Stamps of Love offers a wide variety of jewelry for mom that can be personalized in SO many ways! From birthstone additions to specialty charms, there are dozens of ways to customize whatever piece you choose. Here are a few favorites! Feel free to check out other lines, as well for Mother’s Day.

My baby you'll always be personalized charm bangle bracelet


I hope our Gift Guide was able to save you time and give you some great ideas! This Mother’s Day will be one she will surely remember!

Head on over to Stamps of Love to see our entire line of Mother’s Day gifts!
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