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How it all came about....

May I tell you a story? A story about us and how one instance changed our future forever.

It all started with a fateful call I received one morning while at work. I was informed my oldest brother had passed and was no longer with us. Without any questions or facts, mind racing, I left work immediately, meet my husband, and we rushed to the hospital where my mother and stepfather were. My brother had passed before he was transported to the hospital and my mother had yet to go inside. I will never forget the look on her face, nor do I ever want to see a look like that again. It was as if she lost her own soul, eyes blank, face stiff, staring into a blank space of nothing. It was as if she was ‘gone’ too. I suppose part of her did die that day. It’s hard to communicate the immense loss she must’ve felt (and still does). I don’t think anyone can properly describe that type of loss. It’s unnatural. You’re not supposed to bury your child, no matter their age.

That is what ultimately lead me to create Stamps of Love, LLC. I wanted (needed) something to give my mom to help her during her time of grief but found that the gift industry was lacking in sincerity and functionality. I realized I could create something that wasn’t out there: subtle, sophisticated, and, most of all, sincere jewelry. I didn’t want to sadden my mom by this action, but instead wanted to uplift her and the memory of my brother and I could do that in a form of custom jewelry.

So, I got to work, literally, went back to my 9-5. Just because we lose someone the world doesn’t stop. For us yes, but everyone else, nope! However, I was changed. I realized how precious life is and how important it is to tell those you love why you love them! Ask anyone older and their best advice is to live life and live it well because LIFE IS SHORT!

I didn’t mention above but my brother died when I was pregnant with my first child. Danny never got to met him and that makes me sad. He really would’ve been a fun Uncle. Danny died in February and my son was born in August. It wasn’t until I had Carter that I realized something. Something that would change the course of my future. Something that would catapult me in a direction that I never would’ve gone.

But hey, you read enough of my story in this post.  I’ll fill you in on what I realized in my next blog post. Until then…..


Whatever you do… Do it with Love!


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  • After reading this beautifully written testimony I thought to myself, where was I during all this heartbreak? I’m at a loss for words. I remember Danny, tall handsome young man who was always so sweet when we talked. He shared thoughts and feelings with me once on a drive to a family get together. The discussion was heartfelt, and I came away knowing how much he loved his family. I still smile when I think of that ride. Thank you for sharing this, you have a wonderful business that you have worked hard to achieve. You’ve started a family business that could last for generations because of your passion and caring. Aunt Debbie Brown Loves you and your Family Always and Forever!!!

    Debbie Brown
  • I miss Danny (grandson) so much yet , he would always tell me i’m Your favorite ,and I always let him think he was, so glad I did, he is having fun with his grandpa now , he is not alone no more , he is missed by all his family. Linz is the perfect sister to do this she is one sweet granddaughter. Thank you Linz g/m

    Norma Mauk

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