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What I realized after my son was born and how that changed my future.

I told you in my last blog that I realized something after my first son was born. Something that would change my life trajectory. So here is my post about what I learned and how my thought processed changed.

Soon after my brother’s passing, I had my first baby boy. I then realized for myself what a Mother’s Love is really all about: pure, giving, selfless and forever lasting. I was able to look around for the first time in my life and really appreciate what life is all about; appreciating the people, events, and scenery that surrounds me every day, and more importantly, let it be known!

I always thought of myself as a caring person. I mean, I would never wish harm onto others. What I didn’t know, or never realized before, was the immense impact you can have on another person with a simple word, gift, or helping hand. It sounds so easy. You’re probably thinking, duh! Yet, how many times have you scrolled through Social Media and saw a post of someone’s birthday and didn’t comment with “Happy Birthday”. Or see a post from a friend that their loved one passed away and you didn’t comment “sorry for your loss”? Or send a friend a simple .99 card telling them you love ‘em? I get it, I really do. Life is busy. Life can be hectic. You certainly are a nice person and it’s not like you were purposely ignoring that person. It’s just that you didn’t take the time to say it. Does it make you bad? Absolutely not!!!! Sometimes we’re just scrolling through, or super busy, or just don’t know what to say. That is what changed in me. Knowing that I could (and should) be better at just letting people know they matter. Instead of me not taking the time, I vowed to start making the time. What if we all just took a little more time? We as a human race are so much bigger and better as a whole. Maybe I cannot cure Cancer but, people working together may soon find the cure. Maybe I cannot stop the fires, landslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, pollution, but if we all work together we could. I can't stop death. Bad things happen to good people and we don't know why. But the power I do have is to help others provide strength to their loved ones in a time of sorrow. Or provide a forever keepsake to commemorate a moment, memory, or milestone. That was my lightbulb moment. So easy, right! Just do something for someone else out of pure selflessness. 

Now that I knew what I wanted to accomplish I had to figure out how to do it. I went to college. I worked for a financial institution. How hard could it be to start a business?  You know the saying, “if I only knew then what I know now”? Yeeeeeeah…..I might be a lot further ahead today LOL. Starting and maintaining a business takes a lot of work. More importantly, it takes a lot of research and learning and boy oh boy, it’s been a journey.

By the time I got around to putting my ideas on paper I was still working 40 hrs a week. I had a 10-month-old baby at home and was pregnant with my second son. I’ll tell you more about the transition in my next blog. It really is too much to put in this one LOL.

Whatever you do… Do it with Love!



 Me helping someone to help someone else... If we can all do a little the results are BIG!

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  • Your a rock star! I love everything about the blog. It is the small things that can make a persons day.

  • Your a rock star! I love everything about the blog. It is the small things that can make a persons day.


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